Behind the Legging Design – I Love Philly

Behind the Legging Design – I Love Philly

Behind the Legging Design – I Love Philly

By Jennifer Schultz

Each of the custom leggings I create has a story. So, I am taking you back to my first design I ever created. I was born in Philadelphia at JFK Hospital, but, ended up living in the suburbs of Bucks County. I visited Philadelphia several times with family to see events like, the Barnum & Bailey Circus, with school for a history class trip, and mostly to see my grandmother in the summers who lived on “C” street in Olney. I played with my friends in the alley, walked to the Five and Dime to shop, and frequented the corner store for candy. We sat on the porch every night and just chatted with neighbors on their stoop.

When I was 18, I moved to Philadelphia and lived on my own in an apartment. I took Septa to work, enjoyed buying pretzels from the guy who stood in the road and loved going to Pat’s Steaks for cheesesteaks. I rooted for all our sports teams and still get chills when I watch Rocky. My grandfather was a huge Mummers fan and it was THE show to watch on New Year’s Day.

And the most important thing is, that I met my husband while I lived in Philadelphia. We bought our first home there, went on many dates to local restaurants and pool halls, and we welcomed the birth of my daughter there too. We moved out of Philadelphia and back to Bucks County when my daughter was seven. 

I loved Philadelphia. I was certain many other people did too. So, I sat down and wrote out some ideas for icons that should be on leggings that celebrated Philadelphia. History: The Liberty Bell and Declaration of Independence. Food: Cheesesteaks and pretzels. Iconic: Love Statue replica. I added simple messages of loving Philly. All the memories I created in Philadelphia, fueled my passion for the design and continue to be how I approach future creations.

Since launching my design in 2017, there have been other companies that have copied my design.

But I am not sure that they are a Philly Girl at Heart, like I am.


See the I Love Philly leggings here:

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  • Jennifer Schultz
Comments 4
  • Karen Trembula
    Karen Trembula

    Hi I just have to THANK YOU for all your PHILLY GIRL STUFF. My Dad. Grandmother, and many cousins were from. PHILLY.Igrew up in Bucks County so but spent a lot of te in Kensington. I had to move to Wisconsin when I was 39 for my job and justOVE WRARING any PHILLY APPAREL to show off Philly Pride
    So Thank You.
    Karen 4

  • Jennifer Schultz
    Jennifer Schultz

    Hi Joe – thanks for reaching out. There is a link at the bottom of the story to the I Love Philly leggings page – but here the link also. See the I Love Philly leggings here:

  • Joe Devine
    Joe Devine

    Hello Jennifer ! Your “Philly leggings” are awesome ! But how do you order them ? There is no mention of how. If you could let me know how, I would really appreciate it ! Thank you and God Bless ! 🙂

  • Joe Devine
    Joe Devine

    Hello Jen ! That’s a great story ! Could you tell me how to buy this ? My best friend in the world is coming to Philly …from Texas ….and I would be interested in possibly buying this for her. Thank you very much ! Have a Merry Christmas Season and God Bless !

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