About Us

Apple Girl Boutique is a Women’s and Girls clothing store that is centered on offering affordable and comfortable clothing. We hand pick and select every piece - just like finding a good apple - with the intention of enhancing your wardrobe.

Our goal is to include you, our customers, in helping us pick great styles that you will love, through sharing your feedback on what you are seeking to include in your own clothing collection.

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Apple Girl Boutique is headquartered in Warminster -Bucks County, PA

Apple Girl Boutique


The owner, Jennifer Schultz, started this company after hearing from friends and family that they were challenged with finding clothing that fit well, felt good and didn’t break their budget. Spending her early career in retail and the rest in the advertising industry and always being driven by creativity through party planning, crafts and other projects, she wasn't surprised to be drawn to the clothing industry. Never one to pay attention to major fashion labels or brands  – but, always considering how to still look great while raising her family, she would seek out inexpensive ways to boost her wardrobe.


The name Apple Girl Boutique came about as Jennifer was looking for a fun way to express who she was, as well as, reflect the essence of the company brand. As a lover of all things apple – apple crisp, apple pie, apple cake and the list could go on – she felt as though finding a good apple takes a choosy selection, much like finding the right clothing.