Working from home? Tips on What to Wear

Working from home? Tips on What to Wear

The idea of working in your pajamas may have seemed fun at first, but after a while, your personal fashion sense withers to nothing more than oversized sweatpants, fuzzy slippers, and a robe. Though you don’t have to sit in front of the computer with a face full of makeup and a suit, it can be really bad for your morale to become so complacent with your style.

Somehow it ends up spilling into your everyday life. The next thing you know you’re picking the kids up in UGGs, yoga pants, and a t-shirt or arriving at parent-teacher conferences in mom jeans and a pair of jogging sneakers. If your sense of fashion has fallen by the wayside because you’re working from home, these tips will help you out.

Minimize the Oversized Clothing

Okay, so the temptation to throw on baggy mom jeans and an old novelty tee might happen here and there, but it shouldn’t be an everyday thing. What you wear has a lot to do with your mood. When you look good, you feel good and feeling good essentially helps to improve productivity. Try to find a healthy balance with your work at home attire. You’d be surprised what a difference a pair of fitted jeans or printed tights and a nice top can have on your morale.

Find Figure Flattering Attire

Though your office is a virtual one, you never know when you might have to schedule a video conference with a client. You never want to be caught on camera in your flannels or a sweatshirt. Instead, shop for clothes that accentuate your figure while also allowing you to feel comfortable. If you’re a full-figured woman, embrace your curves by shopping for plus size dresses online with materials that are light and freeing but still flattering to the figure.

Get an Easy to Manage Haircut

Doing your hair every day is time-consuming. Making the effort to wash, dry, curl, and style while managing a household and a business may be a bit much. However, that doesn’t mean you just let your hair go. Ponytails may be great for running weekend errands or lounging around the house, but a nice professional haircut goes a long way in making you feel great at work. Select a style that doesn’t require much effort to manage. Bob cuts, for instance, are timeless and easy to just comb and go.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Nothing pulls an outfit together like a few key accessories. You don’t have to go over the top and the jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. A nice costume jewelry set, for instance, can make a plain outfit look like something out of a fashion magazine. You can also add other accessories like a fashion scarf, bracelet or professional looking watch.

Being empowered as a work from home mom helps you to be the best version of yourself when you step into your office each day. Yes, it can be convenient to not have to step into an office and dress in corporate gear, but that doesn’t mean you throw fashion to the wind. A few wardrobe updates and a small bit of self-care each morning goes a long way to putting a smile on your face.

Written by Emily Green for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

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